Purchasing your Elation Experience Tulum 2019


 Advance PURCHASE price for a day MULTI PASS is $1,250 , 

vip mULTI PASS is valid for 

3 days/nights & goes for $5000. 

 As a MULTI PASS holder you have unbridged access to  attendance day activities, which take place from 10 AM to 6 PM inclusively, one late morning meal helping, various refreshments and access to most of our installations, for the stated date of validity of your MULTI PASS

 For the duration of Elation Experience 2019, visitors won't be admitted on the camp grounds, checked-in guests, MULTI PASS holders will be afforded this privilege. 

 If you opt for a 3 day/night VIP MULTI PASS, then you get access to the aforementioned items with the night access added and access to limited attendance activities, for the 3 stated days on your VIP MULTI PASS

To the benefit our guests and their visitors, we dispose of a sizable lobby area where you can hang out with people who do not require admittance but who still need to get in touch with you, a cast member or staff

 We will keep at least 20% of availability throughout January but, for walk-ins, same day purchase of VIP MULTI PASS holders. Purchasing on a same day basis, any of the aforementioned, you will incur a higher cost,

than on a pre-order basis.

 To benefit from this first time Elation Experience Tulum 2019 offer in Tulum peak season 2019, we require 100% upfront prepayment, we offer no refund. 

 Once your purchase is done, a personalized MULTI PASS will be made for you & when you arrive on site, it will be waiting at the reception. 

 The cast & crew at Cenote Encantado Tent Lodging Campground are all excited in anticipation to meet and greet you, dear MULTI PASS holder! 

 Kickstart 2019! 

 Live, Elation Experience Tulum, treat yourself, revel in the comforts that our natural realm has to offer. 

 Buy your MULTI PASS now, they are offered in limited quantities. This is a one of a kind, never seen in Tulum, opportunity of a lifetime! 

 To Initiate Purchase Of Your Personalized MULTI PASS : 

 Email : cenoteencantadotulum@gmail.com 


 Phone/ Watts App: +525530282253