What you should know to facilitate your stay.


We require that you own a frontal light, a functional cellphone with whatsapp installed


Everybody is checked-in or accounted for, no visitors, you have your tent for things as well as our guests. 



Anyone who checks-in appears with his picture, name and tent, on the daily checked-in whatapp staff group... ATMs accross the street when you go to the beach. 5 min walk approx. 


Normally this isn't an issue but this year, we might have to accommodate some of our volunteers & some cast members, in some instances, elsewhere or even better some of the aforementioned will be have other sleeping arrangements. So basically, you don't have to live on site to volunteer in order to attend Elation Experience open attendance activities, like swimming, taking a class as well as enjoying our meals...


You have a key or staff on duty know you...


No alcohol allowed in the camp grounds.


It can get cold at night, especially when it gets windy, rainy season is over, don't expect much rain for January season.


Pets are prohibited from the site.


We forbid weapons and alcohol, but a small pocket knife is fine for camping, if you are found with alcohol, we will confiscate it and keep it for you for when go out of the camp site. You should not bring food that you won't eat right away because you have nowhere to put it, you cannot leave food in your tent, animals will destroy your tent to get at it.