Volunteer Positions


 Inhabiting this realm, thought me numerous things about nature and myself. 


The serenity of the cenote and of the sea, provides me with profound life experiences.


This jungle setting can be challenging at times, if you care to listen, it teaches you about the natural fonctions of this ecosystem. 


After 13 years of settlement in this amazing location, my dearest wish is to share with other like minded people, the fruit of the lessons i have learned. I do so, so that others can benefit from my experience in order to better themselves in the process.


Keeping this wilderness sanctuary from encroachment is and has been a struggle against tall odds. 


I am constant promotor and keeper of this pristine clean setting, designed to raise awareness about natural conservancy.

Ultimately, my visitors integrate within themselves the precious knowledge this place bares, eventually, that is my dearest wish, they'll spreads it far and wide throughout this lovely planet we inhabit for their benefit and that of the natural realm of things.


This is a training ground for those who want to learn how to work with nature as we do.

To be selected you have to be strong, this opportunity is not available to the halfhearted, to a candidate that is ill or of the hypersensitive kind. 


Basically, to trade work for lodging with me, you have to be tough to start with and i can say, without kidding you, that this camp, will toughen you up even more so.

For me and my volunteers, life at Cenote Encantado Eco-Glamping Camp, is a daily training opportunity, a place where we strive become better humans within this evolving little piece paradise! 

Music is at the forefront of our developing business model, so this place is for candidates that can appreciate that fact on a daily basis. 


We require a one month commitment, minimum, from our would be candidates. 

For the duration of their commitment, our volunteer crew member are required to be on duty 5 hours a day, 6 days a week in exchange for accommodation on site or otherwise. 

Stuff you can enjoy around here :

Visit Tulum Ruins, do Reef Cenote and Caves Snorkeling, Sip a Mojito, Explore the Sian Ka'an Biosphere, do yoga in so many different places.., dance the night away under the stars, so many things to do and so little time, that is Tulum.