Cast & Crew Volunteer Positions


For the duration of this experience, our volunteer crew member are required to be on duty 5 hours a day, 6 days a week in exchange for accommodation on site or otherwise. The cast members are remunerated and are not provided living expenses.


You have talents, a trade, you can teach a fitness class, you are a speaker, a performer, we may have role for you to play in our experimental production.

Cenote Encantado Tent-Lodging Campground is sanctuary for wildlife. All our activies have to have an eco-friendly, forward looking, overall wellness, loving bent to them.

As custodians of this piece of paradise, we make it shine as bright as we can. We requirer your assistance to get more people to appreciate nature, to make the guests feel safe and comfortable within this nature realm.

To do so we provide the guest with nice tents, clean sheets, sanitary installations, culinary services and the likes. We provide, as well, entertainment and holistic activities.

Our volunteer can benefit from some of the amenities that our guests enjoy. For example they will be provided with, in general, the same revitalizing beverages as our guests. 

Volunteers can partake in the activities offered to our guests on their off-hours or on their weekly day-off.

Like our guests, volunteers will enjoy many benefits of the Elation Experience. All of which will be available while supplies last and please note that limited attendance activities will prioritize guests and VIP multipass holders over volunteers or cast members.