Restore yourself in a pristine natural setting!


For your enjoyment, once on our camp grounds, you'll benefit from 3 distinct settings, many facilities,  you'll be 5 minutes from the beach and to top things off, 10 minutes from Casa Malca, Nomade, Be Tulum hotel beach resorts, which are, by the way, some of the most happening venues of Tulum beach.

Half of our realm is jungle, within which you find a nicely scattered assortment of benches and hammocks. This area sports a new Mayan clay pit, a deep, heart shaped fire pit, both of which were recently carved out of the limestone by some of our most dedicated volunteers.


Here you will also find revamped expanded kitchen / dinning room space,  a new stupendous sanitary block that adds 2 flush toilets to the camp and two additional, under the palm trees, showers stalls.


Nestled between the jungle area and the mangrove, you find the sacred ceremonial section of the property. In front the Temazcal, you find the holy fire pit which itself faces our brand new DJ Boot on a spacious platform that in turn, faces the yoga meditation salon.

Beyond all this amazement, you enter the mangrove portal that leads to the enchanted cenote : Cenote Encantado Tulum.

A setting where you unwind, forget about the world, hop on a paddle board, or float around on one of our kayaks or drift about sporting a complementary life-jacket. This section is being outfitted with decks space.


Cenote is electro-smog free! This is where you get no signal, nada. Low emission zone, where you literally disconnect from the matrix, commune with wilderness.

That's why we are making it comfortable for you, why we've built new floating decks, where you'll soak up the sun by the iguanas, as well as watch the little fish swim in the mangrove roots through the crystalline clear, cool Cenote Encantado waters!

Ask for our A la carte Elation package or multi pass holders.

Don't skip a beat, live the best that Tulum has to offer, avoid being stock in traffic for hours everyday, trying to get on the beach and back.


Book now, a stay and encourage your friends to visit, if camping isn't their thing.