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A La Carte All Inclusive 

 Activities That Can Be Scheduled On Daily Basis and Benifits that are always ongoing. 

Main fire pit deejay : Private cacao ceremony with music from our Late Night Owl dj booth 

24/7 Therapists on duty 

We teach you how to heal and deal with mosquitoes and food poisoning for example.

We provide a curated musical sound bubble/shield throughout most of the camp site, especially near the communal kitchen and the lobby

You have option to make us turn on the dj booth to play chill music at 17:15 to around 20:00 for a Sunset Bliss Session you can call your own.

A main and heart shaped fire pit are available and can be lit upon request for certain occasions like ; romantic time in good company, cacao ceremony, Temazcal or just to chase off mosquitoes after a rainy day.

Fitness classes, personalized wellness counseling is available upon request.

Deep tissue massage are provided on mats or in the cenote waters.

Exclusive courses available  year-round 


Ninja Yoga Crash Course (25 min)

Aqua Yoga Introduction Course (25 min)

 Programmable Activities, Dj Booth Rental and Personal Event & Catering.

Rent the main fire pit deejay booth

Trow a Private-cacao ceremony with music from after a Late Night dinner

Hire a fireman to enjoy one of our 2 fire pits.

Rent our Yoga


Rent our Dinning room and bring your own chef to cook in our kitchen 


We are open to suggestions...


 Food & Beverages

 Ketogenic or vegetarian meals can be served twice a day the last 2 weeks of every month.

We can provide, for an additionnal fee, all you can drink coffee, teas and / or jungle re-hydration drink.

Elixirs of plant medicine can be offered on occasion, usually in the context of a live musical performances dedicated to the same medicinal plants.

You should know 



 Other activities are be announced on a timely basis, sometimes even on the day you'll be here. We got new equipment, new and revamped installations. Like our pages on facebook, revisit this site next week, we sometimes update it on a daily bases.


 Our camp is situated 11 km from the Mayan Ruinas de Tulum.


 Everybody on the camp grounds is checked-in or is a MULTI PASS holder, the rest of the occupants are either cast or crew. Basically, you have your tent for safekeeping your things. If you are a visitor we have little storage cubicles in our kitchen for your valuables.


 Anyone who checks-in appears with his picture, name and tent or MULTI PASS number on our daily checked-in / whatsapp staff group... ATMs are a 5 min walk across the street on your way, to our beach access. By the way, we do accept credit cards. 


 We have a very limited capacity camp. We don't need wrist bands or labels, our staff will know you by name.


 No alcohol consumption allowed on site. We are in the process of getting licensing in the near future. Stay posted. 


 Programing is subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 



 Pets are prohibited from entering our camp site. 



 Some kind of lamp, preferably a head lamp, qualifies as an essential We forbid weapons and alcohol, but a small pocket knife is tolerated for camping purposes. You cannot leave food in your tent, the wild animals will destroy our tent to get at it.