Cenote Encantado Eco-Camping is a private wilderness sanctuary

Come and share the magic with kindred spirits. 

Every season, within this realm, has it's own charms.


Benefit from the embedded wisdom that has accumulated here over the past 13 years of this jungle/cenote/mangrove settlement.


Witness how we foster wildlife and preserve it from the encroachment of modern civilization.

Throughout the development of this property, and it shows,

we've maintained lowest the impact possible on this delicate environment we inhabit.

As stewards of this ecological system, we have braved the elements to preserve and even enhance it's biodiversity.

This enthralling and pristine jungle/ cenote setting, delivers constant blessings to it's custodians, visitors and guests, to their benefit ; they can breathe clean air, be away from metallic compounds, sleep on coiless mattresses made of foam, 
Rent a tent lodging accommodation structure, marvel under a stellar dome view at our main circle fire pit, last but not least, you can bathe in our clear cenote waters, among fishies to soothe your mind, body and spirit, get awoken by the of chirping sound of birds and get to sleep with our jungle/beach soundscape. 


Go back to nature, root yourself in the now, connect with source.


Take this opportunity to book a rendez-vous with mama Gaia 

Please consult our activities section to find out more about other experiences you take part in on site, or let us know in advance for a special wish you want us to help make come true within this realm of our numerous possibilities...